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Why Loc'd in Sugar

Loc'd in Sugar is a delightful bakery that is the result of founder Krysta's passion for baking and her determination to chase her dreams. Originally from South Florida, Krysta never imagined that by the age of 25, she would have her own thriving business centered around her love for creating delicious treats.

Loc'd in Sugar is a sweet dream for anyone with a craving for something delectable. In a world that can sometimes be salty, this bakery offers a haven for those with a sweet tooth. With her hair adorned in locs and a bonnet, Krysta brings her unique style and a touch of her own personality to her creations.

Loc'd in Sugar is not just a business, it's a journey of self-discovery and the embodiment of perseverance and passion.

"I started baking journey because I wanted something that was truly mine. I just love making treats for people. It might sound silly, but when I bake something and see everyone enjoying it, it makes me super happy!"


Founder / Baker / Co-owner